5th Meeting Minutes-Prague

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THE EFFECT OF THE COMMON VALUES 5th Meeting Minutes 02-04 February 2017 Prague / Czech Republic


5th Meeting Minutes

02-04 February 2017



In the frame of Strategic Partnerships for adult education, the fourth meeting of the Project called “THE EFFECTS OF THE COMMON VALUES/MERITS ON THE ESTABLISHMENT OF SUSTAINABLE COMMON PEACE IN EUROPE IN TERMS OF PREVENTING RACISM AND DISCRIMINATIONwas held between the dates of 02-04 February 2017 in Prague with the participation of all partners.


1. February 2, the first day of the meeting, was the guests’ arrivals and checking in their hotels.

2. The Project partners were represented by the participants whose names and the institutions are written as in the following.




EDU Centrum o.s./Dobrichovice CZECH REPUPLIC (EDU Centrum o.s.)

Zdenka Havrlikova, Lukas Nevrkla


ASPECT/Plovdiv-BULGARIA (Management and Intercultural Relations)

Krasimira Bakardzhieva, YankoBidov


A.M.E.F.E/Malaga-SPAIN (Asociacion Malaguena de Educcion Y Formacion Europea)

Pedro Jose Leiva Padilla, Fernando Alcala Garcia Del Rio, Mauricio Borgonio Fuentes Nieto.


Marie e.V./Berlin-GERMANY (Frauenzentrum Marie e.V.)

Dr.SophiaBickhardt, Karin Gaulke, Natalija Jaeger, HoudaFedaili



TOYEV/Ankara-TURKEY (Turkey Formal and Non-Formal Education)

Ahmet Gül, Süleyman Aslan, Prof. Dr. AlparslanAçıkgenç, HazalUsta


On the 03th of February;

3. On behalf of EDU Centrum, Zdenka Havrlikova and Lukas Nevrkla informed the partners about the meeting organization by EDU Centrum with a PowerPoint presentation.  . 

4. The partners reported that poem, article and sermon contests were completed and it was decided that the results should be sent to the Coordinator until the Ankara meeting.

5. The partners agreed that the second conferences should also be completed and finalized until the Ankara meeting.

For the symposium:

a) The Coordinator indicated that the TÖYEV will cover the expenses for two participants from each country.

b) It was agreed that symposium announcements should be posted on each partner's website and links should be provided to www.ortakdegerlersempozyumu.com as well.

6. For budget practices:

a) Strict compliance with the ECAS rules should be ensured for the costs related to Mobility, Intellectual Outputs, Multiplier Events and Exceptional Costs.

b) In transfers between budgetary items, the 20% ratio should be maintained and no transfer is allowed to Project Management and Exceptional Costs.

c) The expenses should be entered on 2014 KA2 Budget Amendment Request forms and sent to the Coordinator for the final report until August 31, 2017.

b) Attention should be paid to taxation regarding the expenses and Staff Time form should be filled using hours for the employees.

The Coordinator informed the partners regarding the above-mentioned matters.

7. The Coordinator briefed the partners about the preparations for the book, and the sample cover pages for the book, "Effects of Common Values on European Peace," were discussed and one of them was picked. It was agreed that one-page texts to be prepared by Ahmet Gül concerning Islam, by Pedro Jose Leiva Padilla concerning Christianity and by Sophia Bickhardt concerning Judaism should be sent to the Coordinator until the Ankara meeting.

8. It was agreed that the Berlin meeting should be held on April 20-22, 2017 as it is close to the ending date of the Project.

9.   EDU Centrum organized lunch for the partners.   

10. On the 04th of February the third day of the meeting was the guests’ checking out the hotels and departures.



Süleyman ASLAN



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