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THE EFFECT OF THE COMMON VALUES 2nd Meeting Minutes May 01th–03th 2015 Berlin/GERMANY



2nd Meeting Minutes

01-03 May 2015



In the frame of Strategic Partnerships for adult education, the second meeting of the Project called “THE EFFECTS OF THE COMMON VALUES/MERITS ON THE ESTABLISHMENT OF SUSTAINABLE COMMON PEACE IN EUROPE IN TERMS OF PREVENTING RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION” was done on the dates of 01-03 May 2015 in Berlin with the participation of all partners.

1. On the 1st of May, the first day of the meeting was the guests’ arrivals and checking in their hotels.

2. The Project partners were represented by the participants whose names and the institutions are written as in the following.


A.M.E.F.E/Malaga-SPAIN (Asociacion Malaguena de Educcion Y Formacion Europea)

Pedro Jose Leiva Padilla, Pablo Marquez, Haiina Soto, Lourdes Valenzuela Lorenzo

ASPECT/Plovdiv-BULGARIA (Management and Intercultural Relations)

Krasimira Bakardzhievea, Yanko Bidov

EDU Centrum o.s./Dobrichovice CZECH REPUPLIC (EDU Centrum o.s.)

Hana, Erlebachova, Zdenka Havlikova, Lukas Nevrkla

Marie e.V./Berlin-GERMANY (Frauenzentrum Marie e.V.)

Sophia Bickhardt, Heidi Sehmidthe



TOYEV/Ankara-TURKEY (Turkey Formal and Non-Formal Education

Süleyman Aslan, Arzu Gül, Mehmet Çelik

3. All of the partners presented the results of the questionnaires on “Racism and Xenophobia”, which were conducted in partner countries.

4. Each partner presented and exchanged knowledge on the “Current Situation Analysis” of its country. It has been decided that the Current Situation Analysis shall not exceed 20 pages (including the surveys), and the English-translated version shall be delivered by the 5th of June, 2015.

5. The issues of revealing the “Verses on Common Values” regarding racism and xenophobia in the holy books of Qur’an, Torah, and Bible, organizing a seminar, and preparing a brochure till the third meeting, were discussed at the meeting. It has been decided to reveal the verses on common values by the experts and prepare a guide/manual, organize a seminar as indicated in the action plan, and publish a brochure.

6. The duties of the partners were discussed. The duty, which was organizing the conference and publishing the book (on The Effects of Common Values on European Peace), was given to Marie e.V. and the relevant budget (amount of 3.800 Euros) to be transferred to Marie e.V.’s budget account.  This was the other partner’s job at the beginning; but as their partnership had not been validated by their own National Agency, it was decided at the meeting that this job is going to be done by Marie e.V.

7. It was decided that the third meeting of the Project is going to be held in 15-17 Ocak 2016 in Malaga/Spain.

8. A lunch and Berlin city tour was organized by Marie e.V.

9. On the 3rd of May, the third day of the meeting was the guests’ checking out the hotels and departures.


Süleyman ASLAN





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